tam2_smPinky Swear

I Love Rock N Roll, so listen to my Flock of 80z baby. Don’t Stop Believing because it’s Nothing But A Good Time – Time After Time. So Let’s Dance in my Love Shack. No Tainted Love though, because I Can’t Go For That. I’m looking for a New Sensation…  I’m not Jessie’s Girl no more. Don’t You Want Me Baby?




I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar then I Ran. That’s right. I ran so far away. Me and my old pal Frankie – we goes to Hollywood in the pursuit of Fame. But after a short while we realized that we’re not gonna take it anymore. We Beat It back to NorCal baby. Now I’m working as a drummer in a cocktail bar!____________________________________________________________________________

Max DBMax DB

Pop Star? I’m really a collection of loose ends. Wasn’t much of a Boy Scout. When I was 12, I was part of a gang called “The Finchley Boys.” I used to go to the pub…have a pint ‘n’ play pool. They had a skiffle group there. One evening, the guitar player went missing, and they asked me to play. So, I turned it up to 11, had a go, and that was just the beginning.

So, if you like the night life baby and you been workin’ for the weekend, then let’s go! If you need a Fixx, we got the Cure, mate. Just crack that whip, let out a rebel yell, stop dancin’ with yourself, and check out the Flock Of 80z. So Come On…Feel The Noise!


 Mikki Trixx
Mikki Trixx

Born Michael Jordan Rubix, Mikki became a multi-millionaire at the age of 11 when he sold his “Rubix Cube” invention in 1981.But this great wealth came with a curse. Soon the wear of the instant millionaire lifestyle began to take its toll. Mansions, jets, lavish Hollywood parties-it all came and went. By the end of the decade everything was gone, leaving Mikki homeless with only his trusty Fender Bass. It was at this crossroad when he formally adopted his stage name Mikki Trixx and turned his life around by devoting himself to the music he loved. “All 80’s all the time” is what Mikki Trixx will tell you. Just ask him.
 Tommy McFly____________________________________________________________________________

Tommy McFly is playing his keyboards back to the future and bringing the 80z back! So, Spin Me Right Round, Like a Record, Baby. No need for your Red Light on Roxanne because this Flock of 80z is hot!